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Dr. Joseph Banno
Dr. Joseph Banno Peoria, IL

Welcome to the Practice of Dr. Joseph Banno

As a leader in the field of men’s health in the Midwest, Dr. Joseph Banno has helped hundreds of men with sexual health issues using the latest in medical technology. Dr. Banno is a board-certified urologist practicing with Midwest Urological Group since 1980. He has devoted his practice to educating men on men’s health issues like Low T and ED.

Men's Health Specialist Peoria, IL

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, or ED, Dr. Banno can help. There are many effective treatments available, both nonsurgical and surgical. Patients who need surgery for ED can trust in the expertise of Dr. Banno, who is one of the leading penile prosthetic surgeons in the Midwest. Dr. Banno also provides the Priapus Shot® to patients seeking stronger erections and enhanced sensation from this treatment derived from your own platelet-rich plasma.

Dr. Banno now offers free ED seminars at the Surgery Day Center. We will be discussing the causes of ED and all treatment options available. A patient advocate will be on hand to give his story. Take advantage of our FREE monthly seminars in 2017!

Wednesdays: January 11, February 8, March 8, April 5, May 3, June 28, and July 26

Register by calling 877-433-2873 (877-4-ED-CURE) or

If you have ED or low testosterone, call Dr. Joseph Banno, the expert in men’s sexual health. You can reach our Peoria, Illinois urology office at 309-683-0600 or contact us online.

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